FAQ. General Information

Where do you ship to?

We currently ship to all 50 USA States, and territories.

Who is your shipping carrier? 

We ship with USPS using USPS Priority Mail Services.

How long is your processing time?

Orders are processed & shipped in: 1-3 Business Days

What is the Default pin code (parental Pin)?

There is a default pin (0000) set from the factory and it can be changed by the user from the settings menu.

Airscreen app for Apple iOS & Android devices
  1. Install the “Airscreen” app from the google play store
  2. Open the app and go to Menu
  3. Find tutorials for your device from ‘Help’ and start the screen mirroring

I haven't received my item. What can I do?

Most items are delivered in as little as 1-3 business days. Note: Due to the high shipping demand in the USA, some delays are expected.

What is your return policy?

We accept returns of products in their original factory-sealed packaging within 15 days of purchase.

Only regular priced items may be returned & refunded, unfortunately, sale items cannot be returned & refunded.

Open-box items will be accepted at a 25% restocking fee of the original item price. The customer pays return shipping. (Ex. Original Item Price $199.99 but Sale price $174.99. The customer restocking fee is $50, based on the original item price. )

Return must be received within 15 days of the original purchase. Return must be received with all original items, & packaging or return will be refused & discarded with no refund.

What is your warranty support?

All warranty support is provided directly with the manufacturer. We do not accept defective item returns or warranty support. We are strictly a sales medium for product purchases.

Do you ship outside of the USA?

Yes, we do! We do worldwide shipping.

Do you do volume discounts?

Yes, we do! Please use the contact us form and send us an email.

How do you process credit card payments?

We process all credit card payments using stripe.com merchant processing.

How to shutdown apps running in the background ?

  1. You can bring up the task manager by pressing & holding the MENU key on the remote.
  2. Shutdown running apps by pressing UP on the remote.

How do you Factory Reset a Formuler product?

  1. Please take a memo of your important data or do a backup using the backup and restore tool before the factory reset
  2. Remove power from the device
  3. While repeatedly pressing the RED ▣ button(🚨NOT Recording) on the remote, Insert power into the device
    Press the button repeatedly, don’t hold it down.
  4. The LED on the front of the device will flash quickly alternating from green to red.  Stop pressing the RED button
  5. While the status LED is flashing red and green, press 1 on the remote
  6. The device will initiate the factory reset procedure
  7. Do not remove power from the device.
  8. Wait until the reset procedure is completed
  9. The reset procedure is complete when you see the Setup Assistant on the TV screen

How to connect WiFi requiring web page login (e.g. hotel wifi)?

  1. Turn on the mobile hotspot on your mobile phone
  2. Connect your Formuler to your mobile data in WiFi settings
  3. Download and Install the ‘Firefox’ app from the Market
  4. Disconnect the mobile hotspot from your Formuler and connect it to the hotel WiFi
  5. Open the downloaded Firefox app and go to Google or your hotel’s website
  6. Then, the WiFi login page should come up
  7. If the hotel wifi login page does not appear immediately, try to access google.com or any other web page
  8. The hotel wifi login page should appear in the web browser
  9. Log in with the username and password provided at the front desk.

How to install multiple APK files into Formuler device at once?

  1. Download APK file(s) to your computer.
  2. Insert your USB drive to PC and create a folder named “APKS”. (Case NOT sensitive)
  3. Copy APK file(s) and paste the file(s) into the folder.
  4. Plug the USB drive into your Formuler device and Power on.
  5. APK install window will open Automatically.
  6. Select the apps you want to install, and proceed following on-screen instructions.
  7. Wait for all APK files selected to be installed.
  8. Press the‘ Back’ or ‘EXIT’ button on your remote to go back to the main screen.
  9. Find the newly installed Apps from the MyApps section or the list of installed apps.

How to set up soundbar / AVR?


  1. Connect your device directly to the TV with an HDMI cable
    -. Formuler ➖ HDMI ➖ TV
  2. Set HDMI output to Auto or LPCM in Sound Settings
    -. Mytvonline1 models: Home > Settings > Android > Sound > HDMI output
    -. Mytvonline2 models: Home > Settings > Sound > HDMI output
  3. Reboot the device

FORMULER, Sound System, TV, HDMI

  1. Place the sound system in middle between TV and Formuler using HDMI cable
    : Formuler ➖ HDMI ➖ Sound System ➖ HDMI ➖ TV
  2. Set HDMI output to Auto or RAW in Sound Settings
    -. Mytvonline1 models: Home > Settings > Android > Sound > HDMI output
    -. Mytvonline2 models: Home > Settings > Sound > HDMI output
  3. Reboot the device


  1. Connect the sound system to Formuler using an optical cable, and Formuler to the TV using HDMI cable separately
    : Sound System ➖ SPDIF ➖ Formuler ➖ HDMI ➖ TV
  2. Set SPDIF output to RAW in Sound Settings
    -. Mytvonline1 models: Home > Settings > Android > Sound > SPDIF output
    -. Mytvonline2 models: Home > Settings > Sound > SPDIF output
  3. Reboot the device

How to add keyboard language / input special characters?

Applicable models: Zprime     Z+     Z7+     Z7+ 5G     Zx     Zx 5G

  1. Install “LeanKey Keyboard Pro” app from the Home market
  2. Open LeanKey Keyboard app and Activate Keyboard (*.Use mouse cursor in case remote D-pad is not working well)
    -. Go to Activate Keyboard menu (Language & input Settings screen will open)
    > Virtual Keyboard > Manage Keyboards > activate and add LeanKey Keyboard Pro
    > Current Keyboard > Change to LeanKey Keyboard pro
    -. Go to Change Layout menu > change keyboard layout for your language
  3. When using a keyboard, press the globe icon on the keyboard and pick the language you want to turn on

Applicable models: Z8     ZAlpha    Z+Neo

  1. Go to Home > Settings > Keyboard > Current keyboard > Select “TV keyboard” as default
  2. Long-press the globe icon on the keyboard in use and pick the language you want to turn on

Using Accented letters

Applicable models: All Models

  1. Change the default keyboard following the above guide
  2. Long-press on the letter similar to what you want to input
    A small window with related characters and symbols will appear, then choose the one you want.
    e.g. long-press the ‘e’ to find the accented letters (é, è, ê, etc.).